Core Proces Psychotherapy is founded upon the original vision of Maura Sills and her intention to bring Eastern and Western therapeutic and contemplative principles into a cohesive framework based upon the healing nature of awareness.  Uniquely, it may be the only new form of therapy developed within Britain that incorporates the phenomenology of a major spiritual tradition into a secular form of psychotherapy.  Maura and Franklyn Sills created the training institute Karuna and the recent book by Franklyn Sills, "Being and Becoming, Psychodynamics, Buddhism and the Origins of Selfhood" North Atlantic Books, has become the text book to describe the theoretical underpinnings of core process psychotherapy.


What to expect from a Core Process Psychotherapist

In essence a CPP offers depth psychotherapy and you can expect to see the therapist on a weekly basis, probably for more than six months.  Karuna is a sanskrit word meaning compassion and the psychotherapist facilitates the emergence of a compassionate relationship with the client.  The client is held in a safe and confidential space where whatever 'problems' are brought are worked on through the development of mindful compassion for all parties.  The client doesn't need to 'do' anything except make a commitment to turn up on time and to engage as much as possible in the process.  As trust in the realtionship develops, the therapist facilitates the client's awareness of how their unique circumstances have come to shape their view of the world and therefore many of their reactions to it.  With this depth of awareness comes healing at a profound level.  Being present, moment by moment, and being compassionately mindful with whatever arises is something we can find difficult to do in our busy daily lives but being gentle and non-judgemental with ourselves and others is key to finding our way back to our inherent source of wisdom and well being. 


Sue Roberts worked as a core process psychotherapist since she accredited with UKCP in 1998.  She completed her training in CPP supervision in 2003 and holds a diploma in Integrative supervision (ScPTI).  She is currently on sabbatical from her psychotherapy work and semi-retired from working in large and small companies in the public, private and third sectors as a management consultant.  

To contact Sue:

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